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Driving Audiences, Growing Membership for Dallas Regional Chamber

With metro Dallas growth, the Dallas Regional Chamber needed to streamline its web presence and deliver relevant content to two distinct audiences

One of the largest business chambers in the nation, DRC needed an agile and flexible website that could speak to two distinct audiences concurrently: local businesses and prospective out-of-state businesses seeking to relocate. The challenge: Building an experience with intuitive discovery of new content relevant to these different users. We crafted an overarching message, “You Belong Here,” conveying different, yet relevant messages to both audiences.

The next step: making content more consumable and visually interesting by compartmentalizing it for its desired audiences. The landing page quickly directs users to respective content. We simplified a complex site structure to make it user friendly with image-based navigation, allowing users to find the content they are searching for without overwhelming them.

A Problem Solved

The Dallas Regional Chamber website is now architected around its audiences. It remains dense with information, with image-based navigation and information architecture makes the site clean and intuitive to use. The Dallas Regional Chamber website was recognized with 2015 Gold W3 Award in the General Website-Associations category.

Some Numbers

  • Vital to growing the DRC membership base, page views of the Join section have increased 40.73%
  • New user page views for Join pages have increased 38.11%
  • Overall the average time spent on the website per user has increased 43%
  • Page load time has decreased 33.68%
  • Overall the site has an increase of 12% in new visitors
  • The site has earned 6 industry awards (and counting)
  • Delivered on budget, two weeks ahead of schedule




On the previous site, only 20 percent of the content was relevant to the two DRC core audiences. These two audiences became the guiding force for our strategy. From a structural and content perspective, the previous site was difficult for non-tech users to navigate, the information architecture was convoluted. Content was usually only relevant to one audience or all the information was presented together. Our strategic collaboration defined audiences, set priorities and rebuilt architecture from the ground up.


To achieve the simplicity of use and sophisticated feel the DRC site needed, we updated the visual aesthetic with an appealing and engaging with a photo-driven design that highlights the beauty of Dallas. We incorporated thumbnail imagery rather than unwieldy text, to reinforce the complex navigation and to maintain a visually clean site.


The technology that we used to deliver the core infrastructure is based on open source solutions, including PHP and JavaScript, and WordPress. We used advanced programming techniques when building out items such as the customized events calendar as well as a multifaceted blog. This gives DRC administrators the ability to assign multiple individuals to edit and create blogs without having the worry of accidental posting. The advanced coding required to bring all of the individual pieces together involved working with HTML5, CSS2 and CSS3 and JavaScript.