Brand Experience

Unify the elements for a compelling brand experience.

Brand Experience is the magic that happens when brand strategy, positioning, creative and user experience come together in meaningful ways. Collectively, these interrelated elements form the lasting impression customers, partners, suppliers, and employees have about your brand. A strong or positive brand experience draws people in, while a negative or weak experience sends them away.

With more and more of the customer journey shifting online, it’s important to have brand experience consistency between all on- and offline touchpoints to eliminate customer confusion and drive higher levels of understanding and engagement.

 Imaginuity® is proficient in designing and executing multi-sensory user experiences that can bring all stakeholders—customers, employees and partners—into a meaningful and lasting relationship with your brand.

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Brand Strategy

Why does your brand exist? What value does it provide? We help define or validate your purpose, vision, mission, and core values, then make sure all are directly aligned with customer needs, pain points, and competitive business environment.

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Brand Positioning

What uniquely and meaningfully differentiates you from the competition? We build out your messaging platform, articulate your brand promise, and identify the most suitable archetype, aka brand voice, to set you apart from everyone else.

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Demand Generation

To get business, you have to generate demand. Our insightful communication strategies fill the top of the funnel by building meaningful awareness that creates interest, drives traffic, and motivates people to act.

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We thoughtfully bring your brand to life across all touchpoints, online and in the physical world. The results are greater recall, positive perceptions and deeper engagement that keep you top of mind everywhere.

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Environmental Experience

With people regularly moving back and forth between the digital and physical world, it is important to have brand consistency between both realms. To engage with your customers in the real world, we design interactive, multi-sensory experiences that extend your brand experience into physical settings like trade shows, sales meetings, or office space.

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Video marketing is a must-have digital marketing component today. Our in-house production team can produce anything from short social videos to high-budget content for broadcast TV to promote your product or service, increase engagement on your digital channels and educate your customers.

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User Experience (UX)

User Experience refers to everything that affects a user’s interaction with a digital product. Imaginuity provides award-winning UX strategy and design for web applications, and we conduct usability testing to ensure frictionless, positive user experiences.

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Social Media

With an ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse, our social media services involve listening, educating, entertaining, energizing and supporting your community on the platforms that make the most sense for your business and your objectives.

We can help transform your business.

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