Custom Development

One-of-a-kind website solutions for one-of-a-kind businesses.

Your business is unique. Your website should showcase your brand and provide a highly engaging user experience that allows site visitors to accomplish what they need and want to do easily.


Imaginuity® has been providing custom web development services to clients across the country for over 20 years. And with over 200 awards for web design and user experience excellence, we’re pretty good at it.

Any successful web project begins with clarity. Through stakeholder interviews, we discuss in detail your objectives, website use cases, and point of view on the ideal user experience. If not already developed, we create personas, map out the customer journey and make sure everything aligns with your company goals.  


Our custom development approach is made up of five phases with client involvement at every step.

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Through needs assessment, research, business requirements gathering, and customer journey mapping, we build a solid foundation to ensure that the final product meets your needs.

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Our user experience (UX) team designs the tools, functions, content needs, and user flows to achieve your business objectives and deliver an outstanding user experience.

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It's more than pretty pictures. We develop high-fidelity prototypes and conduct usability testing to ensure that all the elements work together flawlessly.

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From creative and coding to content population, our team of in-house experts brings your vision to life.

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We test the app thoroughly on all operating systems, platforms, and device types. We also help you analyze data post-launch to inform future enhancements.

Custom built to execute any website build.

Building a website for one or multiple locations can be a complex and intimidating task. Never fear. We roll up our sleeves and get into the trenches with your team. We'll be with you every step of the way— from planning and implementation to performance measurement and maintenance—to create a secure, optimized, and flexible website that presents your company in the best light while providing a gratifying experience for your customers and employees.  


We have implemented mission-critical web applications for both public and private companies across a wide range of both .NET and open-source technologies while integrating with hundreds of different proprietary and open APIs.


For multi-location businesses, we created Pylot®, an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform for website development, management, and integrated marketing. Using a modular design system and Headless implementation, multiple property websites can share a unique look and feel while maintaining performance and security. Additionally, as needed, individual location sites can be supported through completely custom design. This all happens at scale and with speed never before possible. 

We can help transform your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how Imaginuity can help you manage marketing complexity, produce better outcomes, and accelerate your adoption of digital transformation.