Social Media

Social media strategies for sharing and caring.

Brands are no longer in control of their messaging. People can quickly figure out via social media and online communities if what brands say is authentic or not. They seek reviews, testimonials, and recommendations from people in their network or trusted third-party reviewers, who have also used your brand. And, if they have a poor experience with you, it is simple for them to spread the word to thousands instantly through numerous social media platforms. 

But social media can work in your favor. You can easily monitor brand mentions, interact with customers in real-time, identify important trends and themes and build a highly engaged community. 

Imaginuity® is a social media agency that can help your brand harness the power of social media as part of your marketing mix. While social platforms rise and fall in popularity, an effective social media strategy focuses on four primary activities: Listen, Educate/Entertain, Energize, and Support.

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Social media is much more than simply being social.

For our clients, we regularly use conversation and sentiment monitoring tools to listen to what people are saying about them on social media, online review sites, and discussion forums. We then identify trends, gauge sentiment, and craft informed content based on what we learn.

A content strategy is then developed to educate and entertain your audience through compelling content and helpful information on the social platforms best suited to your business objectives. We energize audiences by encouraging conversations and building a community around your brand or industry to give your customers a voice so they can be heard.

Finally, we use social media as a critical customer care or support channel, where your brand can be a helpful resource to solve customer problems as quickly as possible while maintaining a human voice.

We can help transform your business.

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