Who We Are

A happy marriage of imagination & ingenuity.
The name Imaginuity® comes from IMAGINATION (to think up new ideas not currently present) and INGENUITY (to be original, clever, and inventive). We are a magical blend of both, giving us the ability to understand complex marketing and technology challenges and create smart, highly effective solutions that often achieve transformative results.

For over 20 years, Imaginuity has been combining deep technology experience with an ever-expanding range of paid and organic media offerings to provide our clients a high-performance collaboration of digital supremacy, data mastery and advertising dominance.


As a thriving community of exceptional thinkers in diverse but interconnected disciplines, we’re atypical in our approach. Our integrated technology and marketing eco-system is uniquely designed to solve complex marketing problems and alleviate the chaos clients often experience in managing their customer’s path to purchase. Accessing these skills from a single provider results in a frictionless experience for your customer— offline and online, on every device. 

Simplicity isn’t as simple as it used to be.

Our job is to unburden our clients from the complexities of today’s marketing challenges and work with them to deliver transformative results for their customers and their business.


Campaign attribution used to be simple: Drop a direct mail piece or run a TV ad and wait for the phone to ring. Today, there are literally thousands of offline and online converging and diverging paths for a customer to take along their journey. Now, communicating with your customers happens anywhere, everywhere and all the time. To bring order to this complexity, we rely on AdScience®; our proprietary customer data platform. AdScience provides a scientific approach to collecting customer data, executing integrated campaigns, and continuously monitoring, measuring, and analyzing performance; insightful visualizations empower us to optimize programs on the fly.

For multi-location businesses who need to scale a consistent web presence and localized marketing campaigns across dozens or hundreds of locations, our innovative Pylot® platform rises to the task. Pylot is an all-in-one website development and marketing platform that lets corporate marketers control the brand while allowing local teams to customize campaigns for elevated customer experiences. 


By combining integrated agency services and innovative technology platforms, Imaginuity channels and controls the elements brands need to accelerate digital transformation.  

Inquisitive and innovative. Curious and creative. Scientific and seldom satisfied.

Each Imaginarian has specialized skills in different areas of expertise, but the magic happens when working together to un-complicate things. While the promise of technology is to make things easier, for marketers the opposite has happened. Complexity is increasing and it takes smart thinking, agile execution, and collaborative relationships to bring order to the chaos. 


When we interview potential Imaginarians, we look for a flash of Imaginuity. Every time we interact with clients, it’s another opportunity to showcase the Imaginuity that makes us different.


We work in teams of bright people, in fascinating disciplines, each focusing our strengths and abilities to help our clients navigate whatever complexities surround them. We’re always seeking fresh energy and emerging talent. If you think you have the drive and ability to be imaginative and seek out ingenious solutions to new challenges, you may have what we’re looking for. If this sounds like you, let’s talk.


Imaginuity—Imagination & Ingenuity at Work.

We can help transform your business.

If you are looking for a digital transformation agency, get in touch today to see how our unique offering of integrated services and innovative platforms can make a difference for your business.