Environmental Experiences

Building environmental experiences that emotionally connect.

Designing an environmental experience involves bringing your brand positioning to life through highly impactful and engaging sensory designs. These can be installed at your stores, trade shows, sales meetings, and even in your offices.

Studies have shown that physical, personal, and multi-dimensional experiences make brands, products, and the people behind them more relatable, relevant, and memorable. Multi-sensory stimuli are ten times more effective than visual stimuli alone.

When you offer your customers these kinds of experiences, you are more likely to build an emotional connection that could translate to greater customer (and employee) affinity and loyalty. 

As an environmental experience agency, we provide environmental marketing services that elevate the brand experience to create positive emotional responses that appeal to your target audiences in physical environments. And as with online design, we design your environmental experience to be clear, relevant, and motivating. 

Extraordinary environmental experiences should appeal to all senses, enabling people to see, touch, hear, smell, and, if applicable, taste what you have to offer.

Our environmental design teams can also include innovative technologies such as augmented reality and sound to further enhance the physical experience. The key is to make the experience interactive, motivating people to participate and interact with your brand. It is also important to include an element of surprise and excitement that creates customer delight.

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