Unite data from dozens of sources to build smarter media campaigns.
Collect, analyze, and activate customer data to build efficient media campaigns that get real results.

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Sources of Customer Data

Take the guesswork out of marketing.

Today, organizations are awash in data. Every digital action across the customer journey produces data. Unfortunately, data resides in different, disconnected systems controlled by different teams and vendors. 

It's hard to bring down the silos. That's why so many businesses are data-rich but insight-poor. 

AdScience is our proprietary customer data platform that collects first-, second-, and third-party data to create a single source of customer truth. 

The result is rich customer and 'look-alike' profiles that inform intelligent, real-time action.

AdScience customer insights provide our media team with the power to develop highly efficient media campaigns that get the most out of every dollar spent. Online, offline, or an integrated blend of both—your ads reach target audiences with pinpoint accuracy. 

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Rich Customer Profiles

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Data-Driven Media Planning

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Real-Time Analytics

Reach local audiences with zip-code level precision.

AdScience connects the dots between data sources to deliver powerful customer and geographic intelligence. Insightful analytics let you know how your campaigns are performing from market level down to a single zip code. 


You can see the reach of each ad and performance of each media mix to know what works in the cities and even neighborhoods where you do business. With this intel, you can deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time and in the right place. 


Many marketers still rely on last-touch attribution to measure campaign success. This may give you a false reading on what is truly driving performance. While someone may have converted from a programmatic display ad, the direct mailer that same customer received weeks ago could have influenced the conversion. 


AdScience customer insights eliminate the guesswork of advertising performance and give you a clear picture of which media work best together to generate the best outcomes for your business. 

A visual insight into what’s working.

AdScience takes the mystery out of advertising performance. Our in-house data team creates complex yet insightful data visualizations that extract the most value from your managed – media campaigns and customer databases. As a result, we get a better understanding of which marketing efforts are performing well. AdScience also visualizes multi-touch conversion paths to provide a comprehensive picture of your acquisition costs. 

Integrated services + innovative platforms = transformative results.

By combining integrated services with our innovative AdScience® and Pylot® platforms, you get an all-in-one partner who helps you create insightful, data-driven customer experiences and scale your online presence across multiple locations fast. Maximize your marketing spend by efficiently delivering the right messages to the right people on the right channels and at the right times.