Our Culture

The modern workplace is no longer just the office space, and we’re good with that.

In fact, we do some of our best thinking at home or someplace else. That being said, we have a fantastic home base, centralized HQ if you will. It’s slightly unconventional and totally unconfining. It’s brand new and it’s very on-brand.  


In the office, you’re engaging, collaborating, brainstorming, training, teaching, learning, and being productive with lots of other folks who feel a strong sense of community with their teammates 


Everywhere else, you’re working more independently. You’re still productive and accountable because you know you have a job to do, but maybe you like to start earlier in the morning or go a bit later in the evening syou can squeeze in a mid-day dog walk or yoga. We get it, and we try to be flexible, too. 

True Hybrid  We’ve built our new office with hybrid at the forefront, not as an afterthought. We’ve invested in our space as an investment in our people. 


Free Snacks & Soft Drinks – Enjoy a snack break, without breaking out your wallet. We supply the bites and beverages so you can munch while you do your magic. 


360° Views – You’re going to love downtown Dallas. And because you can see all around the city from our office windows, it’s an all-around great spot to be. 

Huddle Rooms – We’re all about collaborationand we have the environment to prove it. Our dedicated training rooms are here for anything from work sessions to continued education professional development. 

Beverage Bar 

Business is business, and we believe a little social time is good for business. So we’ve got a large lounge area, with restaurant booths, communal dining tables, and after-hours bar (with four beers on tap) for special-occasion celebrations.

Work Spaces

Our fully-equipped stage is a showplace for agency events and presentations. We offer a variety of open offices, ergonomic chairs, standing desks—whatever you’re most comfortable with. We also have breakout rooms for one-on-ones. Plus, our own casual dining area.

House Events

Everyone here is a member of a particular “House.” We build comradery when we go out by doing things together as teams—escape rooms, bowling, Top Golf, costume contests, the works. All funded by the agency. And yes, House points are rewarded throughout the year, so bragging rights are always at stake. 

Community Initiatives 

We like to make dreams come true for others. Last year, we donated 44,000 meals to Feeding America as part of our Christmas giving. Additionally, each House can choose at least one community event per year, enabling us all to give back in ways that are most meaningful to you and your teammates. 

Destinations All Around

Our new collaborative office space is just two blocks from the AT&T Discovery District in downtown Dallas with dozens of eating, drinking and shopping destinations nearby. Our teams enjoy collaborative lunches, client meetings, and happy hours with clients and other Imaginarians, making the most of our Main Street location.  

Find the right career for you.

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