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Today’s consumer is highly impatient, and they demand always-on availability of the technologies they use. Poor website performance could cause them to jump to a competitor’s site, never to return. If your company is in growth mode, getting ready to increase marketing activity or launch a new campaign, the last thing you need is a site that can’t handle increased traffic.

To meet rising user expectations and the rapid increase in online interactions, every website should be developed to efficiently handle growth and scale to accommodate increased server load from traffic spikes or other factors in a way that does not disrupt the user experience.

Issues with scale can occur when there is a sharp increase in user traffic, more products or services added, an increase in transactions, or when the website experience needs to be quickly replicated across the sites of multiple locations all with shared requirements.  

As a leading provider of scalable web solutions, we advise our clients to look to the future and consider scalability as early in the process as possible rather than waiting for problems to occur.

Scalable web development is not a particular methodology; instead, it is a set of guiding principles we use to chart our course together. When thinking about scalable web development, we focus on the following outcomes.

The benefits of scalability.

Scalability is an important consideration for any web application. If you are counting on your website or app expanding to support company growth, you need to plan for scalability up front. 

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High Performance

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Continuous Availability

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Fast Data Retrieval

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Easy Problem Tracing

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Fast Recoverability

Scalability for multi-location businesses.

For businesses like shopping centers, office and flex space owners and operators and franchise businesses, we created Pylot®. Pylot is an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform for multi-location website development, management, and integrated marketing. Using a modular design system and Headless implementation, multiple property websites can share a unique look and feel while maintaining performance and security. 

Additionally, as needed, individual location sites can be supported through completely custom design. This all happens at scale and with speed never before possible.  

With Pylot, everything you need to launch fully functional websites and run localized marketing campaigns is all in one place. The level of local flexibility and customization is always up to you. More about Pylot can be found here.

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