Innovative platforms to simplify your marketing.
Digital transformation is here. And it's unleashing never-before-possible marketing opportunities. To harness its power, however, you can't be burdened with dozens of disconnected tools and technologies. Our innovative platforms unite core functions in one place to accelerate your adoption of digital transformation.

Join the platform revolution.

First things first: What's a platform? It's a logical cluster of applications and processes you access in a single place. You may not know it, but you use platforms all the time—like Amazon, Uber, and Facebook.


At Imaginuity®, we combine integrated marketing services with innovative platforms to help our clients scale marketing innovation across their locations.  

Our Platforms

Need brand consistency across dozens of websites or campaigns for geographically dispersed properties? Pylot makes it possible. An all-in-one digital marketing platform, Pylot lets corporate marketers control the brand while allowing local teams to customize their activities for more relevant customer experiences.
Our AdScience customer data platform (CDP) collects, analyzes, and activates first-, second-, and third-party customer data, resulting in rich customer profiles, hyper-efficient media planning and campaign execution. Crystal-clear campaign visualizations let you monitor results and make changes in real-time.


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Agile Web Development

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Easily Scalable

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Integrated Services


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Rich Customer Profiles

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Data-Driven Media Planning

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Impactful Visualizations

Innovative platforms + integrated marketing services = transformative results.

More than stand-alone technology, our platforms feature integrated services to create value across your marketing ecosystem, fast. With Imaginuity, you get tools that make your life easier and the expertise you need to manage the increasing complexity of marketing—all from one partner.

We can help transform your business.

By combining integrated services with our innovative AdScience® and Pylot® platforms, you get an all-in-one partner who helps you create insightful, data-driven customer experiences and scale your online presence across multiple locations fast. Maximize your marketing spend by efficiently delivering the right messages to the right people on the right channels and at the right times.