Brand Positioning

Brand positioning that positions you for success.

What separates your brand from everyone else? What makes you stand out? Are your differences meaningful and relevant to customers, employees, and partners? Brand positioning is how you differentiate your brand from your competitors to appeal to both external and internal audiences. It is a combination of messaging hierarchy, brand promise, and archetype.

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Messaging Hierarchy

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Brand Archetypes

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Brand Promise

A messaging hierarchy—your attributes, benefits, and values—comes first to build a strong foundation. Your brand’s unique messages are identified and used to craft a positioning statement.

From your positioning statement, a brand promise is crafted—that one powerful idea that no one else can own. Your promise should be something truly unique and authentic. And as a promise to your customers, employees, and partners, it should be an energizing, rallying idea that grabs everyone’s attention.

Now, how best to articulate your brand promise? What is your voice, your archetype? Is your brand a Ruler, a Caregiver, an Explorer, a Hero? Your archetype reflects how you see the world, your attitude, and your personality. Authenticity is crucial here, as is the consistency of your voice across all touchpoints. 

Brand Archetypes

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The Jester

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The Lover

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The Every Person

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The Explorer

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The Hero

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The Ruler

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The Caregiver

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The Sage

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The Magician

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The Optimist

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The Revolutionary

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The Creator

Transforming your brand starts here.

With a relevantly differentiated brand positioning, you begin to create strong emotional connections with stakeholders to set the stage and define expectations for compelling and motivating experiences. 

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