Demand Generation

Demand generation that turns awareness into action.

Lead generation is crucial for any business, particularly those that sell business-to-business (B2B). And so is demand generation. What’s the difference? Lead generation is bottom-of-funnel activity focused on conversions. Demand generation is top-of-funnel, focused on awareness and education. While you need to convert your audience into leads which you can then convert into customers, you also need to generate demand to fill the top end of the funnel. 

Demand generation creates awareness and interest in your brand by providing helpful content, a personalized experience, and data-driven, targeted marketing programs that help customers along their path to purchase.

As prospects move from awareness to consideration to trial, demand generation goes hand-in-hand with lead generation. Fill the funnel at the top with demand, then pull through with performance media like paid search and programmatic display to close the sale.

Imaginuity® provides end-to-end demand generation and lead generation services that cover the customer journey from awareness and consideration to purchase and loyalty.

Our closely aligned brand and media teams work together to ensure a seamless customer experience between demand and lead generation. The results can be transformative: improved efficiencies, more actionable insights, and increased sales. 

Let us help you transform your business.

If you are interested in working with a demand generation agency that seamlessly brings together demand and lead gen services, contact us today.