Understanding today’s customer journey is critical. So is knowing the most effective media type to use at each touchpoint and how different media types best interact with each other. Because every media impression is an opportunity for conversion, you need a partner who will focus on the customer first, not the product, ensuring each impression is meaningful.

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Media Planning

Not every impression is equal. Our planning team approaches each media recommendation with one objective — connecting your customer with the most meaningful impressions to achieve an efficient conversion. With a customer-centric approach, we reach the right consumer, at the right time, on whatever device(s) they engage with.

Simply put, our media planning approach ensures you have a media strategy that will convert your customer efficiently. The best part? You don’t have to take our word for that. Our proprietary AdScience® customer data platform brings all of your media impressions into clear view, visualizing your performance results through customizable dashboards highlighting everything from ROI, attribution, media spend across integrated campaigns, and more—all in real-time.

An imaginative approach to media.

Media Buying

Getting in front of your customer with the right message at the right moment has never been more complicated. The customer journey has evolved from singular touchpoints to multiple, almost simultaneous interactions across both online and offline media. The journey is integrated. And so is our team.

We understand the interrelationships between offline and online media and value of planning and buying the most meaningful impressions. Every impression is treated with as much significance as the last, and the importance we place on each impression ensures we continue to convert efficiently for our Clients — online and offline — all under one roof.

Uniquely, our media planning and buying team is all in-house, working closely together to execute on your media strategy. Because we buy everything in-house, you eliminate any third-party vendor fees, allowing us to deliver you more high-quality impressions for the same budget, maximize your advertising investment.

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