Putting results in the mail

Ever wonder if your direct-mail efforts don’t get any credit when prospects convert online? AdScience® gives us the power to correlate physical addresses with IP addresses so we include the impact of direct mail on online conversions addressed.


Direct impact on online conversions

With AdScience, we are able to quantify the prospects who received a direct mail piece but converted online. The visualization of this interrelationship has been a breakthrough for quantifying the impact that a traditional medium like mail has had on online conversions. AdScience can not only quantify the customer conversions generated by mail but also trace the customer journey from mail to an online conversion.


Custom audiences

We have direct access to hundreds of millions of property and consumer records across the country. AdScience enables us to create customer lookalike audiences and convert those prospects into customers at unprecedented rates.

Bidding online media with mail in mind

By integrating USPS IMb Tracing® data into AdScience, we are able to manipulate our bidding strategies for paid search and programmatic display toward conversions while mail is present in-market.

Right time, right place

AdScience allows us to easily visualize the most productive geography, frequency and other important data needed to optimize toward conversions.

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