Consumer Insights

Data doesn’t have purchasing habits – people do.

It’s tempting to reduce customers to columns of data when you’re trying to understand them. But numbers are so precise – predictable. They don’t get distracted by another advertiser’s message or by life.

If only people acted like that, marketing would be much easier.

When we look for insights, we analyze as much information as possible. But what makes our approach more successful is we combine that data with face-to-face conversations with actual customers. When we look at both quantitative and qualitative information, we learn the exceptions to the rule, the quirks in the patterns, and the surprising places where opportunities lie.

Our consumer insights are more than snapshots

Our processes and tools help our clients maintain a clear picture of their consumers as they live out their lives. We continually adjust our focus to see who they are now, not the last time we checked. We keep an eye on their behavior on- and offline. Our insights give us a good idea of where to find them next and how to find others like them.

Data insights are human insights

While many marketing companies turn people into numbers, we prefer to do it the other way around. Our way yields richer results for our clients.

Imaginuity Insights