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A picture is worth… thousands of new leads


Our client counts on us to manage millions of direct mail pieces with highly targeted criteria. Real Estate investors supplement these mailings with an important process called Dig Leading — finding target neighborhoods and mailing to houses in visual disrepair. We set out to find an easy way to consistently capture, quantify and mail to these houses.


We created Lead Dog® – a smartphone app that allows real estate investors to pinpoint a house they would like to target with advertising. The investor simply takes a picture of the outside of the house. The app then collects and records geographic location, property owner name and mortgage amount. The information is sent back to our system and we generate a personalized letter from the investor to the homeowner offering to buy their property.


Today the app continually manages a mailing schedule for over 48,670 active properties and has reached over 500,000 prospects. It generates hundreds of additional buys each annually. Right on target.


“I buy a lot more houses every year with Lead Dog®.”

Real estate investor

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