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Giving SCA Customers Unique Content, Every Visit

Serving Up Custom Homepage Content, Based on Organic Search

As a leader in risk management for promotions and sweepstakes, SCA Promotions offers a broad variety of coverage and campaigns to its B2B customers. The problem: helping busy customers and prospects narrow down site content to find exactly what they need – quickly, while on mobile devices – without having to wade through all the options.

Our solution was created in a cross-collaboration brainstorm of strategy, creative and technology: building a dynamic content site that serves up unique home page content based on the organic search terms entered by the user.

No matter which engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.), the user searches with, the new site renders direct and related content to the site first, providing a unique experience for each visitor. As the user interacts with the site, supplementary content is delivered based on user interest and clicks.

The breadth of SCA products and verticals are easily accessible via site navigation, of course, but the user starts on the home page with the relevant content he or she is searching for without having to find it on their own.

Cutting down on clicks, and user frustration, keeps users on the site longer. Precise site analytics help the SCA sales team generate more accurate leads, which leads to more happy SCA customers and more sales for SCA.










  • Average session duration on a mobile device increased by 11.68% after the new site launched
  • Site views by users ages 18-24 increased by 24.43%
  • The new site had user interaction from all 50 states
  • The new site garnered 54,263 unique page views in its first year alone


The key insight: users sometimes can’t exactly express what they are looking for, but their search habits paint a precise picture of the information they need. Leveraging search trends and user habits, we built a solution that adapts to each user’s unique needs.


Although the site dynamically generates specific homepage content, SCA still needs a relevant branding theme to deliver to its customers and prospects. Our creative team created a sports-centric overall experience, with unique skins for each SCA vertical. Hence, the site always delivers custom content but within the framework of a dynamic, relevant brand.


The technology components of the solution offer real-time sorted content. By linking together keywords, the site administrators can suggest relevant supplemental content including blog posts, white papers, news items and calls to action on every page. This customization keeps the user experience dynamic, while keeping all the content easily accessible within a few clicks, via related keywords.