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Transforming Plaza Las Américas Into A Digital Social Hub

The new site is an extension of the center’s thriving cultural community and delivers on its marketing theme: The Center of It All.

As the largest retail center in the Caribbean, Plaza Las Américas in Puerto Rico is about so much more than just shopping. Spanning 1.8 million square feet with more than 300 stores and more than 40 dining options, it’s also a cultural center, rich in heritage, that has a vibrant and diverse social scene.

Imaginuity transformed the Plaza Las Américas website into a multidimensional social hub reinforcing the center’s marketing tagline: The Center of It All. Along with an easily updatable system to highlight shops, events and promotions, the site features:

  • A robust calendar of cultural events searchable by date, type and other filters
  • Integration of real-time social feeds from retailers, so on-the-go users can stay up to date on news and events
  • A new visitor section also highlights cultural events, night life and what’s happening elsewhere in Puerto Rico
  • Full Spanish-English bilingual capabilities in content and search optimization, including online gift cards purchasing; the site leads in Spanish with English as an easily accessible second language
  • The functional site design reflects both the contemporary and historic Spanish influences visible in the physical space

Problem Solved

As part of our seven-year ongoing client relationship, Imaginuity provides monthly reporting Data + Analytics to Plaza Las Américas, with an emphasis on multilingual keywords. Our adherence to the industry’s ever-evolving best practices ensures the cultural center continues to connect with both Spanish- and English-speakers.

  • A seven-year ongoing client relationship
  • Monthly reporting Data + Analytics
  • Ongoing search optimization recommendations, Spanish and English




The new site needed to be responsive across all digital devices for true accessibility to all the residents and tourists who visit the center. Our solution included creating streamlined social media integration, expanding promotional areas, enhancing access to vendor information and better utilizing data segmentation for targeted email campaigns.


We used elements of the center’s logo and color scheme to visually anchor the site, while at the same time integrating event photography. This gave the site a true community relevance, and an easy way to keep the site content fresh and engaging for all its users. Users can easily personalize their online experience.


The redesigned site supplies digital content to the center’s signage and directory kiosks. It also connects easily with the center’s app, delivering offers and updates on the latest events at the center.


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