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Strategic Positioning Leads to a Must-See Movie Site

Empowering national chain Movie Tavern to strategically define itself digitally

Movie Tavern distinguishes itself with gourmet-inspired drinks and dining that complements the films it shows on 200 digital screens, in 23 locations across nine states. Initially we were contacted about developing a new website with online ticket purchasing, movie listings and showtimes. After discussions the Movie Tavern CEO, we realized the best place to start would be with a comprehensive strategy, to yield a greater ROI for the website.

Imaginuity collaborated with Movie Tavern stakeholders on a strategy that would not only create weekly themed movie and cuisine pairings, but also ensure the site’s new content management system was easy for Movie Tavern staff to maintain on the backend. Staff writers and creatives could update headlines, copy and design elements easily as they rotate the menu selection each week. To ensure that messaging for each week’s movie/dining package remained front and center with its busy customers, we advised the Movie Tavern team to feature only one movie per week.

The new Movie Tavern site and physical locations provide more than just movie showtimes and ticket purchasing. Since elevating the theater’s digital presence and their in-house experience, Movie Tavern is now synonymous with distinctive tastes in film, cuisine and ambiance.

Some Numbers

  • In its first year, the new Movie Tavern site garnered more than 4.7 million users
  • 68.91% of site users arrived from organic search
  • The site generated more than 21 million unique page views
  • The site generated more than 6.8 million mobile sessions
  • The average mobile session lasted a duration of 2:22 minutes
  • One Gold MarCom Award and two Silver W3 awards for website excellence




We discovered opportunities to market Movie Tavern in a creatively distinctive way. Imaginuity devised a strategy for the Movie Tavern that would ensure they were equally renowned for their gourmet-inspired cuisine as well as their movie offerings. Our strategy team advised the Movie Tavern CEO to showcase a unique food/beverage weekly to complement a specific movie.


With weekly menu and movie rotations, Movie Tavern would need to start promoting on Mondays for that week’s Friday movie/dining package. We recommended that their creative team and writers streamline their editorial calendar, to make updates easier and keep content flowing. This included planning creative initiatives and shooting photography up front, so the Movie Tavern creative team has two months’ content ahead of schedule.


Imaginuity developed an online ticket portal within the new site to provide a more convenient ticket purchasing experience for customers. We also built the site to ensure that the Movie Tavern writing and creative team could easily update content into the site’s content management templates as they rotate the menu weekly.