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Fast, Flexible Retail Sites on the Fly for JLL

JLL needed one master marketing solution to easily launch and update websites for multiple retail centers

As an industry leader in managing commercial real estate and a long-term client of Imaginuity, JLL moves fast. With one of the largest, most diverse portfolios of retail properties under its management, JLL needed scale AND flexibility in its digital entities. It needed to connect social-loving shoppers, offer up-to-the-minute events and promotions, adds retail shops as they open, and stay ahead of competitors. For EVERY one of the 60+ retail centers it manages.

Manually updating dozens of individual retail shopping center sites would be too expensive and too cumbersome. In the digital age, quickly connecting to social-loving shoppers was crucial. To keep each of its 60+ centers as the retail/culture/event hub for its diverse customers in disparate locations, JLL engaged Imaginuity.

We started with a comprehensive digital strategy and quickly landed on the best solution: Building a proprietary, customizable platform so center sites can be launched – and updated – easily with the perfect mix for each location. The platform is easy to skin, integrating real-time social feeds, event calendars and site-specific imagery.

Problem Solved

The proprietary platform we built, Imaginuity Centers, starts with WordPress Multisite which was created specifically for non-techies to easily manage content. Each property’s social feeds are displayed prominently to build community and offer up-to-the-minute trends, events and news. With the platform, each center’s site can be refreshed both visually and with new content, as often as desired. On the backend JLL can update branded design elements, such as typography and color palettes, globally across all sites. Because shoppers search online on mobile more than ever, the solution includes quarterly Data + Analytics for each individual site with ongoing recommendations to improve and evolve search efforts.

  • A proprietary platform custom created for retail shopping centers
  • Cost-effective and rapid build outs for new center websites
  • Dedicated cross-functional team to create, manage, analyze and troubleshoot
  • Comprehensive quarterly reporting Data + Analytics, for actionable improvements to enhance search results for each center website




Cognizant of the challenges of budget and time, our strategy collaboration with JLL leaders started with the goal of achieving an economy of scale. We took the time to immerse ourselves in the challenges, competition and future goals of JLL. Then we added our expertise in social media, SEO + SEM, technology and creative. The result: A comprehensive, phased plan to build the right platform with the benefits baked in: flexibility in updating content and design, property social feeds, and ongoing SEO reporting and management.


The platform solves several creative challenges, delivering a customized look and customized content that is easy to update. Each individual center site can be reskinned to reflect its local personality, unique flavor and seasonal events. With the flexible platform we built, each retail center site can easily be adjusted with color palettes, typography, imagery and other design elements as often as desired while still keeping the family of sites comfortably within the JLL master brand. With digital specifications clearly framed up and easy to implement, the site managers can focus on plugging in new content and graphics knowing they will work.


Millennials and their love of social media are at the heart of retail searching and shopping, so this naturally focused the technology we brought to the table. The custom-built a content management platform aggregates social content, including Facebook and Twitter, from each shopping center property into its site’s social feed. On a micro level, the platform provides flexibility for each site/shopping center, as individual retail stores and events can be added and removed quickly. Social delivers the latest events and buzzworthy information, without JLL marketing managers having to manually gather and update each site.

Data + Analytics

Our SEO + SEM team built optimization best practices and reporting into the platform. Each site is automatically optimized with geolocation search functionality, allowing visitors to search each retail property location. Quarterly reporting Data + Analytics deliver actionable recommendations for keeping each site ahead of competitors and easily findable as public search patterns evolve.

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