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Printable Portfolios Connect Users With Cooper Carry

Beautiful responsive site builds Meaningful Connections – and generates soft leads for national architecture firm

A national architectural firm based in Atlanta, Cooper Carry has been connecting people to the places they work, relax, live and learn for more than 50 years. With connectivity as the nucleus of its services, Cooper Carry also needed to connect with its audiences online. The challenge: how to bring a robust, deep portfolio of diverse projects to life online, while maintaining the firm’s clean aesthetic, keeping it simple and encouraging users to follow their intuitive curiosity. Optimized for speed AND detailed imagery. Across multiple devices. With easy, fast updates.

The mission-critical challenge called first for translating the story of its unique philosophy and project approach of Connective Architecture. Second, bringing its award-winning project portfolio to life online; and third, building an online experience that is accessible for today’s multi-device professionals.

Working closely with stakeholders, we designed a strategic portfolio-focused site with responsive design. With upfront planning, collaboration between stakeholders and our creative team, and extensive platform testing in development, we delivered one optimized site that displays beautifully on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The page display adapts to whatever device the user is on, providing optimized content for an intuitive experience.

The site is also built with a content management system so Cooper Carry marketers can add projects, news releases, and fresh content as the firm continues to grow. As users explore the site, they can review and intuitively collect information on projects, associates and practice groups and output custom PDFs that collect their saved pages on the fly.

This feature also helps Cooper Carry capture leads and make connections with potential customers. Because the site serves as an up-to-date resource on all things Cooper Carry, employees also use it regularly to gather information for speaking engagements, seminars and meetings.

Some Numbers

  • The new site is generating a 29% year-over-year increase in social shares
  • The new site averages 125,821 unique image impression per month, crucial for the portfolio-rich project focus of the site
  • The new site is generating a 3.94% increase per year in unique page views for projects, another crucial measurement goal for the strategic focus of the site
  • The new site has a total of 1,227 inbound links from external sources, highlighting its integration into the online community and driving more and more users to the site to explore
  • 1 International Advertising Competition Award for Best Architecture Website; 1 Bronze ADDY for Best B2B Services Website



The Imaginuity strategy team spent significant interviewing stakeholders from every location across multiple Cooper Carry offices. The overwhelming consensus: The Cooper Carry focus on Connective Architecture was the key differentiator. Those insights translated directly to the user experience and site architecture. With just three main sections into the site, users can explore intuitively, with connected information at their fingertips no matter what device they are using.


The website does more than share information; it captures the essence of the Cooper Carry clean aesthetic and prestigious brand. It highlights the firm’s awarding-winning work inherently on each portfolio page, as well as underscoring and the depth of expertise the firm brings to the table. Imaginuity created unique visuals that deliver on the connectivity concept. Everything focuses on connectivity, even the navigation.


The technology behind the site uses client side-storage and server-side processing, to seamlessly create custom PDFs based on what each user selects during a site visit. Building the feature to function on multiple devices was a challenge achieved. We started with the update-friendly WordPress content management system, then highly customized and built new functionality within WordPress for ongoing updates. Cooper Carry marketers can easily add imagery and information as needed.