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Helping University Park Expand Its Digital Services

By thinking ahead, we built an extendable technology system so the City can expand its digital offerings as needed, without tossing previous work.

The City of University Park, TX, is a long-time client of Imaginuity. Over the past 14 years we have collaborated together to expand the city’s online presence to keep pace with its growth of services and its audiences’ immersion into the Digital Age. After launching the city’s first municipal website, we delivered a flexible framework for its second iteration, building in cost savings so the site can be expanded easily without having to overhaul its structure.

For the most recent site expansion, we worked closely with city leaders to elevate functionality and make the site a go-to destination for residents and visitors. We added a sign up for job notifications, added utility bill services and refaced the existing robust calendar features of the site. The site also includes an easy-to-use content management system, customizable news and events, integrated video and customized landing pages for city departments.

This iteration also included a branded graphics package for the city’s park signs and iconography for emergency response services.

Through the years, the site has been honored with a few awards. The most recent is an Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) award for Outstanding Website.



  • New users, specifically in the city limits of University Park, increased by 209.25%
  • More than 83,380 users found the new site through organic search in the year following launch
  • Since the launch more than 32,532 users access the site more than once a week, accessing services and information

University Park Website Redesign



With a technology-focused strategy, we delivered a flexible framework that is saving the City funds in the long term. By building an extendable technology structure upfront, the City can integrate tools from vendors, add services, add email functionality and a host of other mission-critical services.


Without disrupting the foundation of the site, our creative team delivered a fresh user experience that reflected the the growth and innovation of the City. This required working closely with the City and our technology team throughout the project. We also delivered a branded graphics package for the city’s park signs and iconography for emergency response services.


Built on the Kentico content management system, the site can be managed, edited and updated by City administrators as often as needed. The extendable platform allowed us to integrate navigational tools from emergency response services and alarm services, add job notification email functionality, add utility bill services, and add submission of open records requests.