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verticals | February 19, 2016

Municipal + Government

Leveraging efficiencies to help our clients better serve their diverse constituencies


For our Municipal and Government clients, it’s all about leveraging efficiencies and mapping strategies to help entities better serve their constituents. We’ve been in the Municipal and Government vertical for 14 years, with clear messaging, strategic branding and innovative technology. Some of the results you can expect: opening your communities to better communication, accessibility, and responsiveness; and achieving your vision for your organization.


Feature: City of University Park, TX

As one our first clients, the City of University Park, TX, has grown along with our agency. When the City had outgrown its previous website, Imaginuity collaborated with multiple stakeholders to build a unified and content-rich website.

“Planning our new website, the city had three key objectives,” said Steve Mace, community information officer for the City of University Park. “We wanted a layout with vibrant photography to immediately convey the beauty and charm of our parks, neighborhoods, and retail centers. Secondly, we wanted easy-to-use navigation with one-click access to the most sought-after information and transactions. Finally, the site had to highlight our news and video offerings regardless of the platform selected.”

With those goals achieved, the City’s website received an Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award for Outstanding Website. The award recognized the website’s creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting, use of medium and memorability.


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