Traditional Media Planning

Don't change the channels.

Print isn’t dead, and video didn’t kill the radio star. Traditional media is still alive and well. Our clients benefit from  media programs designed to drive offline awareness into online conversions.


More Than Awareness

Our buying platforms utilize broadcast beyond an awareness medium to influence the audience toward conversion.

Technology & AdScience®

Intersecting AdScience® with our technology partnerships is reshaping how Imaginuity approaches broadcast, giving us the programming and ratings data we need to evaluate beyond the Designated Market Area, reaching prospects right down to the rooftop.


Our job does not end when we place the buy. We hold the stations accountable for delivering on our schedules through third party verification with Nielsen.

Using Added Value

Any media planning company can deliver low rates. We’re leveraging broadcast to build brand equity through added value placements like advertorials, local station interviews, and partnership integrations.

Buying Power

We are actively buying across the United States, placing millions of dollars in local spot media per year. We don’t use third party representatives – we buy direct from the stations in-market and will negotiate down to the penny.

Direct Mail

Direct Impact on Online Conversions

With AdScience®, we are able to quantify the prospects that received a direct mail piece, but converted online. The visualization of this interrelationship has been a breakthrough at quantifying the impact that a traditional medium like mail has had on online conversions.

Custom Audiences

We have direct access to hundreds of millions of property and consumer records across the country. AdScience® enables us to create customer lookalike audiences and convert these prospects into customers at unprecedented rates.

Advanced Tracking

By tracking household mail delivery, AdScience® can quantify the customer conversions generated by mail, but also quantify the customer journey from mail to an online conversion.

Mail Influences Online Conversions

By integrating USPS IMb Tracing® data into AdScience®, we are able to manipulate our bidding strategies for paid search and programmatic display toward conversions while mail is present in-market.

Right Time, Right Place

AdScience® allows us to easily visualize the most productive geography, frequency and other important data needed to optimize toward conversions.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail And Pay-Per-Click: Better Together

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Out Of Home

Consumer Profiling

We work in AdScience® and with our Out of Home partners to ingest consumer profiles for your brand and your local markets to determine which locations will yield the most influential views and ultimately influence a conversion.

Optimizing For Conversion

Leveraging AdScience® and other data partners, we are able to plan your Out of Home in certain geographies, neighborhoods, and zip codes that we know will most directly influence conversions.

Out of Home Buying Gets Smarter

Through technology partnerships, we take consumer data, sync with AdScience®, and then layer in behavioral attributes of your potential customers. Each board is then indexed based on consumer demographics, behavioral attributes and commuter patterns to build the ideal outdoor media plan for each local market.

Stretching Your Out of Home Dollar

In many cases we deploy a remnant strategy with local Out of Home vendors, allowing us to leverage unused inventory at unprecedented low rates. This approach gives us significant coverage and with locations changing monthly, so your brand is always achieving override as added value.

Technology Solutions

We incorporate data and technology to make your outdoor media planning smarter, at no additional cost to you. Our data partnerships with Radar, GeoPath, and AdScience® bring technology forward solutions to leverage your local market opportunities.

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