Managing every connection throughout the customer journey

Understanding today’s customer journey is critical. So is knowing the most effective media type to use at each touchpoint and how they best interact with each other. Because every media impression is an opportunity for conversion, you need a partner who will focus on the customer first, not the product, ensuring each impression is meaningful.

Print isn’t dead, and video didn’t kill the radio star.

Traditional Media Planning

Don’t change the channel. Traditional media is alive and well especially when combined with digital channels. Through our integrated, in-house approach to media planning, our clients benefit from well-thought-out media campaigns designed to funnel offline awareness into online conversions. Online display and out-of-home. Print and programmatic. Traditional and digital. As we see things, it’s all media—and all have a role to play across the entire customer journey.

From awareness to purchase, we see the right path and build highly effective plans that efficiently lead customers to desired actions.

For more clarity, our proprietary AdScience® customer data platform brings all your media activity into clear view, enabling timely, intelligent optimizations, visualizations and actionable reporting of every campaign.

Plan to convert.

Digital Media Planning

Online and offline media are merging. With our AdScience® platform, you can see your entire media spend across integrated campaigns—and make adjustments in real-time.

Our digital media plans are designed to anticipate the best opportunity for conversion. We reach your audience—wherever they are, whenever they’re ready, and on whatever device they engage with.

An imaginative approach to media.

Traditional & Digital Media Buying

Getting in front of your customer with the right message at the right moment has never been more complicated. The customer journey has evolved from singular touchpoints to multiple, almost simultaneous interactions affected by both off- and online media. The journey is integrated. And so is our team. We understand the interrelationships between offline and online media. Our 100% in-house team is constantly evaluating the impact that each channel has on conversions, your customer’s journey, and how all activity works to maximize your advertising investment.

Tune up your SEO for peak performance.

Search Engine Optimization

Search habits are continually evolving. There’s more competition for top search results, ever-changing criteria for ranking on Google and other search engines, and a flood of new content daily.

Our SEO experts stay on top of Google’s almost daily algorithm updates and work collaboratively with our content writers and developers to make sure your website consistently performs well on the search engine results pages. Our efforts help to place your company in front of the right audiences with the right messages—at the right times—to drive meaningful business performance.

Our team integrates with the leading Search Engine Optimization tools, from Google Search Console to external monitoring resources like SEMRush. We also provide a wide range of customized search reporting to give you actionable insights into what is working and what can be improved. Most importantly, AdScience® allows us to blend paid search campaigns with organic search optimization to greatly improve overall search performance.

We have serious social skills.

Paid Social Media

In our pay-to-play media world, paid social media campaigns are a must for brands. With reach of organic social posts at just about zero, you have to dedicate marketing budget to reaching today’s social consumer, even those on your pages. How do you turn social surfers into shoppers, buyers and eventually advocates? You have to find them where they are, engage them consistently, and offer authentic and meaningful content.

As social media platforms and features come and go, a user’s social media habits are constantly in flux. This means targeting them through what worked before might no longer be effective. Our social media teams work daily to identify these changing behaviors and develop paid social media programs that efficiently increase engagement and improve conversions across the social landscape.

Paid Search

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