Third-Party Integration

The magic of a technology-last approach. 

That headline might be a bit surprising. These days, companies are quick to jump into third-party systems that get great press and do fantastic things without understanding how those systems could best benefit them. What if they could get better results from another system, perhaps less trendy and less costly? 

Imaginuity starts in a distinctly low-tech way – we listen. We get to know your business, marketing, and sales goals (your crucial KPIs), identify the strategies needed to achieve them, and review the processes and personnel you currently have in place. We develop our strategies according to your objectives and resources and see technology as an enabler of success rather than the driver. 

We study what systems you already have implemented to identify what needs improvement, replacement, or to be left alone. Then, with that information, we develop a Martech Stack audit and recommendation to determine the right configuration of systems to achieve your goals. So, it is outcomes first, technology last. 

People first doesn’t mean tech illiterate  

Even though we start with a low-tech focus, we already know which third-party software integration solutions are available following a thorough deep dive into your business. Our developers regularly keep up to date on industry trends and are ready to match the best options to your needs. 

We must admit to a bias 

Wherever possible, we prefer configuration over customization. Sometimes our clients’ existing or new systems only need to be set up correctly and well optimized instead of being augmented with expensive plug-ins and add-ons or costly customization.  

Let us show you how an efficient mix of third-party software and intelligent configurations combined with our people-first approach can bring you transformative results. 

Imaginuity Insights