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Data + Analytics

We deliver the charts, dashboards and spreadsheets – along with the interpretation and insights to help you make the best business decisions.

Your customers’ wants, needs and expectations are obvious — with the right data. Web analytics are the backbone of your digital success, but the flood of numbers and jargon can be overwhelming. We dig through the data and create actionable information that makes sense for your business goals. The bottom line: measurable results to quantify and increase your ROI.


  • Conversion and customer sentiment analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Campaign analysis
  • Customer segment studies
  • Tag reporting and management
  • Custom dashboarding and reporting
  • Value and marketing spend modeling
  • Acquisition and conversion planning
  • Campaign launch, management, reporting and forecasts


Imaginuity analysts use the best reporting tools available, including Google Analytics, but we take our reporting beyond the spreadsheets and charts. We make sense of the data by translating trends, identifying roadblocks and highlighting opportunities. Armed with that, our clients can maximize ROI, measure their digital goals, and continually improve their digital marketing spends.

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Web Trends
  • Omniture