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 On-Brand Websites and Integrated Marketing Programs for Shopping Centers and Malls

Maintain brand consistency across every property while letting the character of each property shine through. 

Standardize Your Web Presence While Allowing for Local Customization

Each shopping center or mall in your portfolio has its own personality. Some may cater to busy suburban families, while others feature high-end retailers that attract fashion-forward shoppers. Countless variations exist in between. 


How can you present a unified brand while retaining each property's unique character? Pylot uses an innovative, one-of-a-kind modular approach to web design that lets you own your brand's core messaging and visuals shine through. 

Meanwhile, local marketing teams have the flexibility to make the customizations needed to engage authentically with their local markets. 

More than just a website platform, Pylot's power lies in its ability to integrate important marketing services.  Pylot handles digital advertising, paid search, SEO, online reputation management, and listings management—in a single, simple platform. 

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Digital Advertising

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Paid Search and Enhanced SEO

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Local Listings Management

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Omnichannel Marketing

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Reputation Management

Peterson Cos. has been a client of Imaginuity for five years and we have relied on their expertise to deliver beautifully designed websites that help us achieve our marketing goals and keep us up to date with the latest technology best practices. They’ve always been ready and willing to jump in and provide top-notch customer support when we need it and make recommendations for reaching our target audiences with compelling digital advertising campaigns.
Joanna Rothermel, Assistant Vice President, Marketing

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At Imaginuity, we've worked with some of the largest shopping center owners and operators for more than two decades. We know how to showcase each property online and get the most out of every marketing dollar spent. 


With Pylot, you operate a flexible, scalable website platform and the integrated services you need to create a seamless journey for shoppers in every location.

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