Programmatic Media Buying

At Imaginuity, we take understanding customers to an entirely new level. Not only do we know what they want, we know where they’re looking for it, and when.

The number of advertising channels your brand has access to is staggering, to say the least. Search engines, social media, display advertising, and mobile advertising just to name a few. And with literally tens of thousands of placement opportunities within each of these channels, managing media buying is the greatest of magic tricks.
We’re able to leverage our partnerships with dozens of ad networks, utilize our data which has been collected from more than 1 billion ad impressions, and flex our innovative thinking to provide conversion results that defy reality.

We know you

Because we manage our customers’ media buy in house, we’re uber-familiar with their brands. This means we are incredibly aligned with their business objectives and expectations. And because there is no middle man between us and the media buy, we can pivot quickly, adjusting your spend to match your immediate business needs on-the-fly. Not to mention we’re accessible to you when you need us. No online form, no answering service. Just the cell phone number of your dedicated Imaginarian. We don’t call it customer service. We think of it as a partnership service.

Bespoke for any budget

Often our customer’s advertising desires surpass their budgets. Luckily for them we’re able to leverage our relationships with various ad networks and find ways to make their dollars work harder. Whether it’s pre-made deals we’ve negotiated with our vendors, or finding alternative formats comparable to our customer’s ask, we can find innovative, cost-effective ways to accomplish their goals – with budget left over for secondary tactics. Hey, they don’t call us a creative agency for no reason.

A vast network of networks

Most agencies will push a particular network on their customers, based on the agencies relationship with that network. The only thing we push on our customers is results. We’re able to do that because we have meaningful relationships with all the major ad networks, and know how to get the best out of each one. Our knowledge-base of these networks allows us to hand-pick vendors that will garner you the biggest bang for your buck. And with literally hundreds of ad networks out there, you need a partner who has vetted them all.

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