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DALLAS – PRLog — John Lacy sails. Not just in a casual sense, but as an experienced charter captain for sailboats in the Caribbean. It’s his way of relaxing. The beauty of the open water belies the complicated nature of the sport and danger of a single mistake. Navigation, sail configuration, communication, even approaching weather errors can be lethal on the open ocean. Indeed, there’s a lot to manage on the way to success.

The parallels to business are remarkable, and are hallmarks of Lacy’s success. The first of which is, to know and have confidence in your capabilities. The second, to be in the boat with the best crew. Third, to map and execute the route to success flawlessly against your competition. That brings us to the story of John, and why he chose to join the organization.

John knows Imaginuity, its capabilities and team well. For years there has been a relationship between Lacy and the Imaginuity leadership team. Twice a client of Imaginuity while in leadership roles at previous organizations, Lacy has been impressed with the results. “We selected Imaginuity as our partner to deliver the first online catalog for Walls Industries,” explained Lacy. “ When it was time to re-brand a product line at Tandy Brands, we chose Imaginuity. We had confidence in their ability to design and produce exactly what was needed.”

Long before he graduated from UT with his MIS degree, he was destined to be involved in both business and technology. Raised in Silicon Valley, CA., Woodstock, NY., and eventually Austin, TX., he took his first programming class in 6th grade. He was hooked, and spent countless hours on his Commodore PET and asking about the details of his father’s’ job at IBM.

His career has traversed consulting, both at Arthur Andersen and on his own; operations at start-ups in healthcare and internet industries, and most recently in consumer products and manufacturing. His expertise well-honed in operations and technology.

“Even though operations and technology is my background,” he explained, “I recognize it’s the team that matters most. When it came time to either sell or close the factory of a previous company, my goal and mission became to find a buyer for that facility and its employees. The long nights and negotiations paid off, and every employee found a home with the buyer. That’s satisfying.” His most recent experience includes P&L responsibility for a manufacturing operation in the Dominican Republic where he was responsible for introducing new manufacturing techniques and optimizing operations.

Now solidly back in Texas, his first stop after greeting the team at Imaginuity was a visit to something decidedly Texan. “I made a point to grab fajitas and a margarita with friends,” he shared. “I’m glad to be home, and even happier to be a part of Imaginuity.” Previously active with the non-profit Launchability, he’s looking forward to becoming involved in the community once again.

As the newest Partner on their executive team, Lacy is poised for success on a brand new horizon with Imaginuity.


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