New Design & Developer Tools Transform Apps for the Experience Business

As more and more companies transform themselves for the Experience Business, mobile apps play a central role in connecting with customers and employees on the devices they use the most. There’s one problem though: creating mobile apps today is too difficult and disjointed to fully take advantage of the mobile opportunity. Mobile app tools need to change to allow business owners, designers, and developers to collaborate together to make more usable and useful apps – and to do it quicker and at lower cost.

Today at Adobe Summit we’re connecting design workflows from Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD) with production-ready apps in Experience Manager Mobile. This is one several Adobe “Sneaks” we’re offering at Summit – previews of groundbreaking ideas and technologies percolating inside Adobe labs.

With Adobe XD, designers can use a beautiful, interactive design tool to prototype and wireframe mobile app screens using live enterprise assets. They can design screens for multiple device types and sizes, and quickly arrange assets in “artboards” to preview the app hierarchy. Through integration with Experience Manager Mobile services, you can compile the screens and assets created in Adobe XD, and then render them as a live, production app. This integration significantly reduces the time spent designing, developing, and previewing the app experience – allowing you an iterative workflow that generates a real app to test and deploy.

Check out the Adobe XD and Experience Manager Mobile workflow in this short video:

In addition, on March 29, 2016 we’ll also release the integration of the Cordova framework into the Experience Manager Mobile app runtimes. With Cordova integration, developers can extend native apps to use device-level features – accessing the camera, contacts, location services, files, and more. With device-level integration, you can have your apps deliver additional impact to your business, and you can do it using developers that know HTML and Javascript. Read more about our support for Cordova plugins here and watch a short overview video below.

These two videos show a production process for mobile apps that is expressive, efficient, and powerful. In addition to using Adobe XD to create mobile app screen prototypes, you can also use the Adobe XD/Experience Manager Mobile integration to transform those screens into real native apps for testing and deployment. With these apps in hand, developers can extend them using Cordova functionality. The result is not only faster time-to-market for your mobile apps, but more powerful mobile experiences that help transform your organization to an Experience Business.

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