Kentico Gold Partner – Imaginuity

Imaginuity takes technology seriously, so we partner with serious technology provider Kentico.


Imaginuity was the first North American agency to implement Kentico and has been creating websites and applications on Kentico’s premier enterprise Content Management System (CMS) since 2007. We’ve developed a process that enables companies to focus on their objectives and not the technology in order to launch a successful website that facilitates an easy user experience and goal-achieving functionality.

As a Kentico Gold Partner, Imaginuity provides:

  • Technical Development, Consulting & Support
  • Kentico Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Kentico Hosting & Managed Services
  • Site & Hosting Optimization
  • Kentico Training


Kentico Website and Intranet Development and Maintenance

Imaginuity has extensive experience as a Kentico certified partner in creating new websites or taking over the maintenance of existing ones. You can feel comfortable knowing that Imaginuity’s cutting-edge expertise will help take advantage of the latest Kentico features and help drive your organization’s success.

EMS iconKentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (Kentico EMS) is a powerful marketing automation and personalization platform that can help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. Imaginuity works with your team to identify the business goals you are trying to achieve and configures Kentico EMS to engage your customers in ways to help speed up your sales cycle and support your customers at the right time with the right message.

Kentico is also an excellent platform for corporate Intranets. Imaginuity brings a wide-range of Intranet experience to help smooth your transition to a new or next-generation Intranet. We make the user experience (UX) easy to work with while maintaining an attractive branded experience. We help unclutter the extensive navigation, file systems, and other information to help make the UX more efficient and personalized.

And with Kentico 2020 eliminating portal engine development and requiring an MVC-only development approach, you are about to be faced with a large task of rearchitecting your website or applications. Imaginuity can help minimize the effect of this challenge by bringing the expertise you need to skip the learning curve and take advantage of what Kentico 2020 has to offer.

Kentico Custom Solutions

If you are looking for an easy to manage web-based application that can support omni-channel marketing and even take advantage of a headless CMS, Imaginuity is the Kentico partner you’re looking for. We’ve developed a large number of custom solutions that push Kentico beyond its out-of-the-box capabilities.

Kentico Upgrades

Kentico does an excellent job of keeping its platform up to date. But, sometimes, the update path can be difficult based on your specific implementation, hosting environment, and other factors. Imaginuity can update your Kentico instance for you, whether it be a simple point-version update or an outdated multi-version upgrade. As a Kentico Certified US Partner, we can quickly upgrade your installation and minimize the amount of time your team has to freeze content changes, wait on resources to become available, or bring your site down. We fully test the upgrade so you can feel assured that the new version is performing as expected.

Kentico Hosting

Imaginuity offers cloud-based hosting to provide you a best-in-class hosting experience. With our extensive expertise, our Kentico developers can troubleshoot your server better than a standard hosting provider. We can proactively make tweaks and modifications that will keep your site running smoothly and consistently.

Kentico Training

Imaginuity has created an efficient training program that can be customized for all skill levels. We start with identifying your goals, assessing your team’s skill level, and analyzing your current website to create a tailored training plan for you. We can provide training from the basic content management functions to hosting and developer skills.


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