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For Kentico’s move to MVC, go with the MVPs.

Trust Kentico’s first North American agency to migrate your Kentico websites to MVC.

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With version 12, Kentico’s CMS has moved from Portal Engine to Model-View-Controller (MVC) as its primary development model. And soon, Kentico 2020 will only support MVC development. As a result, all Kentico websites and applications must be rearchitected/redesigned using MVC.

Trust Imaginuity, a Kentico Gold Partner, and the first agency in North America to implement Kentico, to be your Most Valuable Player in executing a seamless transition to all the benefits of Kentico 2020 and MVC.


Kentico MVC is Better:

Better Performance & Scalability

MVC is just faster than Portal Engine and lets you fully control your HTML output. This gives you higher-ranking sites faster page speed, and less server overhead.

More Creative Freedom

Kentico’s MVC approach allows your front-end to look, behave and interact the way you want it to. Better personalization, reactive interfaces, and no messy “CMS code” getting injected into your designs. And you get to pick the frameworks (JavaScript, CSS, etc.) you want to work with.

True Omnichannel Experiences

Kentico’s MVC better enables your ability to distribute content via multiple channels. Native applications, websites and other channels can easily interact with Kentico’s APIs to get the right personalized message to the right person where they prefer to see it.

Easier Upgrades

MVC’s “decoupled” solution leads to an easier upgrade process. That means less downtime, less maintenance for your development team, and less required change to your site design.

Improved Accessibility & Semantic Websites

Kentico MVC will allow for more control of your website’s accessibility and allow you to make your site content more structured or semantic. Better search results, better compliance, and better business.

Streamlined Development & Testing

The “decoupled” MVC approach allows for faster development times which leads to lower costs. And MVC allows you to write unit tests into your code allowing you to build testing directly into your website.


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Big changes are coming with Kentico’s move to MVC. Be sure you get all the benefits with Imaginuity, the MVC MVPs.

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