How Do We Build Links?

How Do We Build Links?

First, not all links are created equal. Links have both authority/prominence and relevance values to them.

  • High authority = Forbes, some news stations.
  • High relevance = local news stations, industry-specific websites.
  • Links from low-quality websites are not helpful and can be considered spam. Too many links to your site from “low-quality” sites can get your site penalized by Google—either de-ranked or removed from Google, depending on the severity. Common low-quality sites include gambling, dubious pharmaceuticals, and those that feature risqué imagery or videos.
  • Even “unlinked mentions” where your business is mentioned but not linked may help ranking signals.
  • If your business is mentioned in an article, always ask for the link.

Common Ways to Acquire Links

  • News article mentions
  • Interviews
  • Non-industry-specific directories like Yelp or
  • Industry-specific directories like FindLaw or AVVO
  • PR outreach
  • Resource or content creation
  • Photo assets
  • Infographics

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