How do I verify my business with Google My Business?

How do I verify my business with Google My Business?

  • If a business has no reviews or reviews that have not been responded to, this is an indicator it may not be verified. 
  • If a business is not yet verified, Google will give the business options to start the claiming process. 
  • To claim a business, log into Google My Business and add your business to your GMB dashboard/account. 

Claiming A Business

  • If the business does not yet have a listing, create a new listing in the GMB Dashboard. Enter the relevant info, including official business name, address, and phone number. 
  • Once you enter the necessary information, GMB will give you verification options. 
  • Most often GMB will send you a physical postcard with a verification code to confirm your business listing and address.  

Google My Business Dashboard

  • Once you receive the postcard, enter the code into your GMB dashboard to verify your listing.
  • After the correct code is entered, Google will review the listing before it goes live. The review normally is automated and will be complete in a couple of hours.  
  • If the postcard does not arrive in 10 days, you can request a second one. 
  • Verification via automated phone call, email, or video are also possible 


GMB Caveat:

  • Do not use a PO Box, UPS store, or virtual office. Google WILL remove these business listings if discovered or reported. 

Google My Business Verification Code

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