Achieve More from Direct Mail

With your customers now influenced by so many different touchpoints on and offline, their journey to purchase rarely begins and ends in the same channel. And with more conversions occurring online today, it can be difficult to gauge with authority the effect of each touchpoint on the customer’s journey to conversion.

AdScience® can help. AdScience, Imaginuity’s proprietary customer data platform, collects, analyzes, and activates billions of rows of customer and marketing data daily and visualizes marketing campaign performance across media types, providing insight into what is driving conversions, either directly or indirectly. With AdScience, we were able to prove a direct, positive correlation between the number of mailers sent to online form submissions. Simply, the more mail sent, the more online leads received.

Let us show you how AdScience can help develop integrated, cross-channel marketing initiatives to deliver superior campaign performance. Sign up today to see AdScience in action and learn more about what AdScience can do for your company.

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