Recap of Our Digital Transformation Summit

Exploring the Future of Digital Transformation

Immerse yourself in our distinguished panel discussion's transformative dialogues and innovative insights. Discover the revolutionary potential of digital transformation in redefining marketing landscapes and forging unprecedented pathways in customer engagement and operational efficacy.

Panelist Highlights

Moderated by Corbett Guest, President, Chief Strategy Officer at Imaginuity


Key Takeaways

Digital Transformation in Their Organization

"Digital transformation means bringing technology, data, and processes together to provide value for the business." 

- Ilene Goldfine

Proving ROI

"(With digital transformation) not only will the business be better, but we will also have the data to make future programs more powerful and more effective." 

- Jon Bauerle

Finding the Right Partner

"If you don’t have the right partners in place, you’re sunk." 

- Frank Solis

Explore Deeper Insights and Analyses

Revitalize your strategies with profound ideas from our transformational panel event, further elaborated in our latest blog and white paper. Engage with takeaways and strategies from marketing and technology experts, and enhance your strategic outlook with a deeper understanding of digital transformation in marketing.


Explore our exclusive white paper for further insights and detailed analyses of the transformative discussions shared during the panel. Enrich your strategic outlook with a more comprehensive understanding of digital transformation in the evolving realms of marketing.


Watch the Highlights

Experience the moments that defined the event. Dive deep into the expert discussions, engaging dialogues, and revolutionary ideas that illuminate the pathways of digital transformation in marketing.

These videos are but a glimpse of the highlights from our transformative event. For a complete and immersive experience, visit our YouTube channel. Unlock the full spectrum of insights, discussions, and innovations that fueled our panel’s dialogue.

Exclusive Invitation: Complimentary Digital Transformation of Marketing Workshop

Unlock your potential to thrive in the dynamic realms of digital marketing. Join us for an illuminating workshop designed to supercharge your marketing strategies, enhance customer engagements, and redefine operational efficiencies through transformative digital insights and strategic expertise.

Workshop Details

As a follow-up to our panel event, we are offering a complimentary* 3-hour digital transformation of marketing workshop.

Participatory team workshop facilitated by senior leadership  

The workshop will follow Imaginuity’s Marketing Maturity model 


The company benchmarks and goals across multiple marketing variables such as:

  • Offers & Segmentation
  • Communications Channels
  • Data & Analytics
  • Technology and Customer Experience


Meet at our office or yours (local to Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex)

1201 Main St Suite 1800

Dallas, TX 75202

To qualify, company must have a minimum annual $500,000 marketing spend and all participants must be marketing or technology Manager or above.


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