User Experience


(noun) The level of comfort or discomfort a person feels when using a company, product or service — also abbreviated “UX.” In terms of products/digital interfaces, user experience includes the practical, experiential, effective and meaningful aspects of device interaction and product ownership. UX is sometimes confused with User Interface design (UI).


“Although the UI on the movie reviews site made it easy to find films and opinions, the UX was poor because they only had movies from the major studios, and I wanted to know if Juno was any good.”

Alternate definition: The apex of where creative design, functionality and user research meet to create a positive experience for our client’s audiences.

On a Related Note

We’re experts in creating seamless user experiences across every communication platform, including mobile, online, apps, gaming, and backend systems. After all, a brand should feel the same no matter the touch point, so a consistent experience is vital. Easy-to-use menus, search bars, efficient load times, a logical information hierarchy and a creatively designed website lead to a great user experience. Discover how to create a better User Experience.

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