Customer Journey

We follow customers very closely.  

Until we get ahead of them.  

We admit we’re obsessed. Obsessed with knowing where our clients’ customers come from and where we can influence them to go from there. We want them to build relationships with our clients, and we reach them through every kind of medium – online, offline, mobile, POP, trade show booths – wherever they are. As they move through their journey, we efficiently convert them from prospects to customers to advocates.

To make the customer journey as seamless as possible, we made huge data sources play nice to fuel our proprietary customer data platform AdScience®. With AdScience, we combine millions of disparate data points to track the engagement results of national, regional, and local campaigns and individual media all the way down to the customer’s device and even to each transaction itself. With AdScience, we also associate customers’ physical addresses with their IP addresses, which allows us to know when offline media like direct mail ultimately results in an online conversion and/or sale.

A war of attribution

Being able to attribute conversions to a specific medium allows us to optimize our campaigns and increase conversion rates even more. We’re able to provide our clients this attribution capability for much less cost than competitive attribution models that can cost millions, and often don’t even attempt to track offline customer behavior.

We know the half that works

Retail pioneer John Wanamaker said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” More than a century later, this statistic has not improved much. Until AdScience.

We’re now able to increase conversions by knowing the story of where our customers come from and which media work best together to drive a desired customer action. Armed with this insightful information, we devise predictive models and leverage lookalike audiences (those whose profile matches your best customers) to increase reach to relevant customers, allowing us to increase conversions, not spend.

Building a bridge to success

We saw the wall between offline and online marketing as a barrier to success. Anticipating how customers move fluidly between digital and traditional media today, AdScience effectively bridges the traditional and digital media division enabling our campaigns to lead the customer efficiently along the path to purchase.



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