Imaginuity Centers

One size does not fit all.

We’ve built the tools. You customize the experience.

Every retail property is working on a tight budget. Including yours. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to a full suite of digital tools to cost effectively drive consumers to your destination. That’s where Imaginuity comes into play. We can enable you to succeed with any of your digital needs. With our services, marketing to consumers has never been easier. Whether it’s the initial branding of a new property, managing your web and social presence, or developing the overall brand and property experience, we’ll put your best foot forward.

We’re invaluable behind the scenes as well. Imaginuity has a team of data analysts in-house who look daily for behavioral patterns and discern differences in every market across the country.
We understand the demographics, personal preferences, and even the behavioral habits of consumers from coast to coast. We then use the data as a foundation to build intelligent strategies that convert into engaging experiences, keeping your property top of mind, and the destination of choice for consumers.

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We will help you identify your ideal consumer and develop a brand that reaches them – throughout their journey.

• Consumer journey tracking
• Property / positioning / branding
• Non-traditional income enhancement solutions
• Corporate identity
• Campaign development
• Onsite collateral
• Offline to online marketing

Platform Services

We create technology to give you personalized solutions…and we’ll customize them for your property.

• Built from the mobile device up
• Websites, intranets and collaboration
• CRM integration
• Email tracking and management
• Easy to customize and evolve
• Custom apps
• Progressive Web App development

Consistent layout with customizable branding and messaging for each unique property

• Wi-Fi Alive
• Proximity based advertising
• Mobile leasing lead capture
• Text-N-Tell
• Mass notification systems

• Mobile behavioral data (geofencing)
• Social media management
• Influencer marketing / event management
• Video Campaigns

• Digital media management (display ads)
• Retargeting campaigns
• In-center experiences
• Voice integration