Losing energy with customers

TXU Energy, the largest energy provider in Texas, was looking to decrease their customers’ dependency on the TXU customer service department, as well as the burden of a large staff managing new enrollments. Encouraging their customers, existing and new, to leverage their website and digital tools for account management and the enrollment process would create significant efficiencies, leading to more satisfied customers in the process. Their challenge was an outdated website that wasn’t mobile friendly, and an online enrollment process with a large drop-out rate because of an arduous process.


Mobile-first, customer-first

Imaginuity rearchitected the TXU Energy website from the ground up. A new site map creates clarity for users to quickly find what they’re looking for. A custom enrollment experience allows customers to manage the process more easily with a user-friendly, multi-step interface, while also giving TXU the opportunity to dynamically showcase custom plans based on the customer’s inputs.

We redesigned the account management section of the website so customers could more effectively compare plans, switch plans, and monitor their energy usage with robust tools that function intuitively, especially on mobile devices.


Customer Experience / User Experience / Design


A completely online customer enrollment and account management experience that takes the stress off an overly worked call center.

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