Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything


With the rapid growth of social media and the ease of creating content, the online space can be a wild west for companies protecting their brand identity.

Our client has over 1,200 ambitious franchisees who wish to generate leads for their business. Corporate management had a difficult time ensuring brand standards were maintained, potential customers were receiving appropriate communication, and new leads were being justly distributed amongst franchises.


When our Reputation Management team began digging in to the image represented on the web, we found inconsistencies in almost every market nationwide. We utilized a synchronization strategy to align all information served to these business listings.

Our team worked firsthand with Google to remove Google My Business Listings that represented specific offices within each market. For a cleaner image, we Standardized locations, office hours, and a single phone number to represent all the franchises. We also ensured there was only one Google My Business Listing in each market, increasing its probability of being consistently served on the prominent righthand side of Google’s search engine results page.

Separately, many franchisees had set up Facebook pages for their individual businesses. Our team deployed a large, national Facebook page for the corporation, then linked subsequent market-specific Facebook pages underneath it. This allows us to continually push corresponding content to each market’s page.

There was also misinformation on many online directory websites – phone numbers belonging to closed offices, incorrect business hours, and unanswered reviews. Through a listings management system, the team was able to coordinate the information served in every market across multiple sites.


The Reputation Management team removed over 120 rogue Google My Business Listings and over 180 Facebook pages. We replaced it with corporate sanctioned local Google My Business Listings and Facebook pages, giving our client’s corporate office complete control of brand standards. Because Facebook is now managed, we can respond to messages and comments from potential customers.

A little over a year after the major clean-up of directory sites, the client has received 13,460 phone calls from potential customers who now have all the correct information.


“They are continually innovating ways to improve results and solve issues.”

David Hicks – Co-President

Imaginuity Insights