Pay Per Click

Conversions over clicks


Upon taking over the paid search campaigns of a new financial services client, we dug into its historical data. We were surprised to uncover that their previous agency focused the bidding strategy on clicks, not conversions.


Our proposition was that if we replaced the client’s wide net strategy with a more pointed keyword bidding strategy, we could increase conversions across the board. We analyzed post conversion data and created a keyword strategy focused on searches with intent, as opposed to the previous broad- match, shotgun approach. We also expected that this narrower keyword strategy might decrease cost.

Our new keyword strategy targeted potential prospects with interest in the financial services that our client offered. Our client’s business fluctuated within the month, with heavier actionable lead volume in the first 18 days of the month. Thus, we weighted our keyword and bidding strategy to be stronger earlier in the month, to focus on lead conversions. In the latter part of the month, we concentrated on awareness and filling the funnel for next month. We kept the old agency’s campaign as a control group, for a true A/B test comparison. We also made sure to monitor performance hourly, to ensure that there was no disruption in new customer lead volume during the experiment.


After just 30 days, our test campaign conclusively increased leads versus the control group by 220%, while at the same time decreasing cost per conversion by over 70%, year over year. That’s the power of the AdScience® CDP at work.


“They have consistently demonstrated excellent creative talent and digital expertise, all backed by insightful consumer analytics.”

Dave Moody – Director of Marketing

Imaginuity Insights