A need to bring clarity to the field

You’d think marketing heating and cooling services would be a no brainer:  Heating and cooling is essential to daily comfort, and Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning is the largest HVAC company in North America. Even so, HVAC remains a challenging category in which to build awareness, inspire loyalty, and incite customers to buy products and services essential to helping maintain the efficiency and reliability of their comfort.

HVAC is a low-involvement category and is typically considered a grudge purchase by homeowners. Research shows homeowners do not give much thought to their heating and air conditioning system until it breaks, and most don’t have a company in mind to call if it does. So how do we encourage homeowners to think more proactively about their equipment, and to call Service Experts when they need service?


A need to bring clarity to the field

To drive more engagement with the category, Imaginuity created the “Inside Man” campaign to encourage homeowners to be more aware of the importance of the role that HVAC plays in daily comfort. Using broadcast in select markets, the campaign “humanized” air conditioners and furnaces by using a human to personify the equipment and communicate its needs. Various scenarios addressed the importance of maintenance, expert repair or proactive replacement to maintain a harmony and comfort in the home, as well as highlighting the importance of calling upon an expert from Service Experts to proficiently address the needs of the equipment and bring harmony to the HVAC-homeowner relationship.


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