Case Study: Direct Mail

Direct mail and pay-per-click: better together


We had a suspicion when mail dropped in the market the phones rang for all lead types. Our AdScience® team sought to quantify the influence of mail, if any, on pay-per-click lead generation.


Over a seven-month period, we traced 6,264,361 pieces of mail that reached prospective customers and recorded the dates they reached the home. We also collected data on 10,888 pay-per-click leads through both phone calls and web forms.


Our regression model proved that the presence of mail in market had a positive correlation to PPC Leads. After conducting the analysis, we can say with 98.63% confidence, that mail has significant influence on PPC leads, and that approximately 20% of the PPC leads variation can be explained by mail being in market. Furthermore, after concluding this analysis, we ran a separate study for SEO leads. We can report with 99.74% confidence that the presence of mail had a significant influence on SEO leads, and that approximately 28.1% of the positive SEO lead variation can be explained by mail being present in market.