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Direct mail and pay-per-click: better together


Although the online customer journey is well chronicled, it has been difficult to impossible for marketers to quantify the impact that a traditional medium such as direct mail has on online lead conversion.

We had a suspicion when mail dropped in a market where pay-per-click was present we would see an increase in conversions. Using AdScience® , our team sought to quantify our assumptions.


We traced 6,264,361 pieces of mail over a seven-month period for one of our real estate clients and recorded the dates mail reached the home. We also collected data on 10,888 paid search leads submitted through both phone calls and web forms.

We hypothesized that the presence of mail in market would significantly influence paid search lead volume versus when mail was absent.

To test our hypothesis, we utilized our proprietary AdScience customer data platform to track each piece of mail and every paid search lead using a bivariate linear regression analysis.


After conducting the analysis, we can report with 98.63% confidence, that mail had a significant influence on paid search leads and that approximately 20% of the positive paid search lead variation can be explained by mail being present in-home.

In addition, we ran a separate study for organic search leads. We can report with 99.74% confidence that the presence of mail also had a significant influence on these leads, and approximately 28% of the positive lead variation can be explained by mail being present in the home.

Since the initial analysis, AdScience has tracked over 150 million pieces of mail in-home and depending upon the geography, in-market results show that up to 39% of online leads received mail in the home.

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