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Fast, flexible retail sites on the fly for JLL


As an industry leader in managing commercial real estate and a long-term client of Imaginuity, JLL moves fast. With one of the largest, most diverse portfolios of retail properties under its management, JLL needed scale AND flexibility in its digital entities. It needed to connect social-loving shoppers, offer up-to-the-minute events and promotions, adds retail shops as they open, and stay ahead of competitors. For EVERY one of the 60+ retail centers it manages.

Manually updating dozens of individual retail shopping center sites would be too expensive and too cumbersome. In the digital age, quickly connecting to social-loving shoppers was crucial. To keep each of its 60+ centers as the retail/culture/event hub for its diverse customers in disparate locations, JLL engaged Imaginuity.


  • A proprietary platform custom created for retail shopping centers
  • Cost-effective and rapid build outs for new center websites
  • Dedicated cross-functional team to create, manage, analyze and troubleshoot
  • Comprehensive quarterly reporting Data + Analytics, for actionable improvements to enhance search results for each center website

Services Provided

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Technology
  • Data + Analytics


“Imaginuity isn’t just a website provider. They’re a strategic partner. They are collaborative, innovative, and always focused on helping us discover ways to grow our business.”

Ashlyn Booth – JLL

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