A need to bring clarity to the field

Click is a leading provider of field service technician scheduling software. Their software is suitable for any company that rolls a truck to provide service at the home on, on-site or in the field, and optimizes technicians’ schedules in real time, driving greatly improved operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.  

Imaginuity was hired to help clarify Click’s brand position and to develop a new brand identity and website in support.


Merging machine learning with human know-how  

The future of field service will be driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning and connected devices. Soon, many of the devices in our homes and at industrial sites around the world will be able to predict when they will break down and will automatically schedule service proactively. While this was understood by the Click customers we talked to, they found those ideas too theoretical and not directly applicable to how they run their business today. These customers — many of whom used to be field service technicians themselves — were more interested in how using Click software could help them run their business today 

To address this insight, but not to walk away from the promise of AI, we developed the brand promise of Actual Intelligence. At Work. This brand promise supported the fact that Click was a technology leader but, the technology provided was practical and could be put to work helping to improve technician scheduling, right away. The brand promise was supported by both the Sage (expert) and Hero (overcome challenges) brand Archetypes 

We designed a new logo reinforcing Click’s real-world knowledge coupled with machine learning. A highly visual website we developed leveraged the ideas of Actual Intelligence and At Work, throughout the site.   


Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Brand Positioning / Design


The company was purchased by private equity firm Francisco Partners for $428 million in 2015. In 2019, a year and a half following our rebrand, Click sold to Salesforce for $1.35 billion.

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