Losing relevance

BearCom has been in business for 35 years and is Motorola’s largest channel partner selling two-way radios and wireless telecommunications systems. While historically successful, the company was facing a number of threats to its business both externally and internally.  

With the availability of push-to-talk technology on many cellular devices, BearCom was concerned their business was becoming obsolete. In addition, BearCom’s immediate competitive set is made up of other Motorola channel partners all selling similar products. With many companies in similar, peripheral, or more advanced technology fields, especially in BearCom’s home city of Dallas, the company was also having a difficult time recruiting employees.  

Imaginuity was hired to develop a refreshed brand positioning that would bring the brand to life through engaging office graphics that would appeal to and inspire employees, Motorola, and visiting customers


An inspiring promise

Following over 20 hours of internal and external stakeholder interviews covering every aspect of BearCom’s business, we concepted the idea of Always On as the company brand promiseThis is a powerful concept that supports BearCom’s technology (two-way radio communication is more reliable than cellular networks) and the way that BearCom employees are Always On for each other, their teams, their customers, and Motorola.  

The brand promise of Always On was further defined through the brand Archetype (voice / personality / attitude) of the VisionaryVisionary brands are catalysts for change and with them, anything is possible, even the seemingly impossible.   

Both Always On and the Visionary Archetype were brought to life through high-impact graphics in company offices.


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New positioning and workplace graphics were very well received across the organization and by Motorola. Employee attitudes and perceptions of the company increased significantly across all departments and levels. 

Several months after the rollout of the Always On positioning, the company was sold to a larger private equity company.   

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