Lacking leads

eSolutions is a successful mid-sized provider of Medicare billing software solutions. Their primary focus is on billing part of Revenue Cycle Management for hospital systems, skilled nursing facilities and home healthcare and hospice organizations. Following an acquisition by private equity firm Francisco Partners, we were hired to develop a refreshed brand positioning and create a data-driven approach to lead generation to evolve the company from its legacy “dialing for dollars” sales approach.   


An inspiring promise

Considering eSolutions competes with much larger organizations offering services across healthcare system’s revenue cycles, we had to take a smart surgical approach to eSolutions lead generation efforts. In our first phase, we focused only on those market segments with an established eSolutions presence and awareness. These typically were smaller customers, so a greater number of leads were necessary to achieve goals. In phase two, we added larger healthcare systems with less awareness of eSolutions but with the potential to generate significant revenue from fewer closed deals.  

Our media approach was a combination of paid trade placements, email marketing, paid social media, and paid search advertising using both Google and Bing. Offers consisted of eBooks, invitations to webinars, and software demos.    

Over time, paid search turned out to be the most effective lead-gen tactic, significantly outperforming all other media types combined.  

In 2020, eSolutions business, and all businesses in the country, was severely affected by COVID-19. This was particularly detrimental to eSolutions in that overwhelmed by the pandemic, their customers were not particularly interested in buying billing software. However, by focusing on tactics like negative keyword optimizations, insights that revealed our optimal customer approach was to target females using desktop computers on Mondays, and expanding our share of spend with Bing, we were able to continually improve performance. 


Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Brand Positioning / Media


A 44% improvement in cost per lead

Four consecutive quarters of cost-per-lead improvement

2,191 total leads generated

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