Precision and conversion-


With the advantages of AdScience® and other resources, we precisely transform target audiences into individuals so we can amplify the impact of broadcast advertising on conversion. We multiply the effect of your media dollars because of our leverage as a major media buyer.  


More than awareness

Our buying platforms elevate broadcast media beyond vehicles for mere awareness to become powerful tools that influence the audience toward conversion.

Technology and AdScience

Intersecting AdScience with our technology partnerships is reshaping how Imaginuity approaches broadcast, giving us the programming and ratings data we need to evaluate beyond the Designated Market Area, reaching prospects right down to the rooftop.



Our job does not end when we place the buy. We hold the stations accountable for delivering on our schedules through third-party verification with Nielsen.

Using added value

Any media- planning company can deliver low rates. We’re leveraging broadcast to build brand equity through added-value placements like advertorials, local station interviews, and partnership integrations.

Buying power

We are actively buying across the United States, placing millions of dollars in local spot media per year. We don’t use third-party representatives – we buy direct from the stations in-market and will negotiate down to the penny.

Imaginuity Insights